Common Mistakes in Using Pocket Knife

If you have already bought the best pocket knife in pocket knife god, invested both of your time and money, and make sure that this knife suits your lifestyle the most, you have to take care of it properly. And by that, it just means that you need to avoid the following common mistakes when it comes to using your pocket knife.

Using the tip of the knife in everything

You did not invest your pocket knife to be an alternative to a screwdriver if you couldn’t find one. The tip of the knife is the most sensitive part of the knife that you should take good care therefore you should never use it in almost everything.

Not sharpening the blades

In order to use your knife to its maximum potential, you need to sharpen the blades as needed. Follow the instructions properly when it comes to sharpening the blades so that you can prevent from sharpening it in a wrong angle or applying too much pressure that can destroy the knife. You can also check out instructional videos in sharpening your knife properly and avoid the wrong ways to do so.

Overusing the knife

Sure enough, you’ve bought the pocket knife for everyday use but it doesn’t mean that you have to overuse it. Make sure that you have at least a back-up of your knife to let it rest for a while. Using excessive force is never a good idea because it can cause the tip of the knife to break. If you are in the kitchen and you’re about to peel fruits why not use a kitchen knife instead of pulling the pocket knife in your pocket? It is only advisable to do so when you are preparing meals outdoors.

Neglecting to clean it

You need to make sure that your knife is free from dust and dirt at all times. You should also consider buying effective lubricant oil so that you can lubricate your pocket knife especially if it has a few moving parts to keep it working great.

Now that you know the common mistakes in using your pocket knife, you must avoid it at all costs. Knowing how to properly take care of your investment is important. If you still haven’t bought yourself a pocket knife, you can visit the pocket knife god and see what’s new out there.

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